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Videos and Animation for Freelancers 

As they achieve better exposure, social media has expanded the market creating more opportunities for video creation and animation.

Animation is a rewarding and profitable career and attracts young people to it in massive numbers.This field is motivated not by the love of money (although there is a lot of money to be made) but rather by the passion and love of the art as a means of communication, like all other artistic careers.

In an exciting, demanding and rewarding work climate, the industry is a small, tightly knit group of truly brilliant, imaginative, and creative practitioners. Animation, a particularly specialized trade, includes many markets such as videos, advertisements, athletics, television programs, and computer games. An animation can be a fun career, but it's not simple at all, involving fine art, architecture, and technical technology and skills.

To get started with animation, building a portfolio that showcases your body of work is the perfect way for a prospective employer to gauge your expertise and integrity. A portfolio is not only something you can do overnight, it is a collection of the best work that has been carefully collected over the years.

Although the basic concepts of animation will still stay the same, it is subject to consumer dynamics like every other industry and will change with the development of technology. Whether it is a small freelance job or just an experiment of your own, the only way to become a world-class animator is to actually start practicing.

It may sound childish or frivolous, but experimenting with various software, prototypes, and ideas on personal projects and fiddling around can do more to make you a better animator than any amount of theoretical knowledge ever will.

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