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DIY: Crafting for freelancers

The term DIY has taken on a wider definition that includes a wide variety of skill sets.

DIY has been described as a "self-made culture;" one of designing, making, customizing and fixing products or artifacts without special training. DIY has evolved to become a collaborative concept of people exchanging concepts, designs, strategies, methods and completed projects with each other, either online or in person.

Artists produce artifacts and craft objects using ceramics, clay, textiles, and wood and so on that are elegant, though provoking, and often surprising works of art, such as pottery, stained glass, furniture, jewelry and clothes. They basically attempt to express ideas or emotions through their art.

There is a strong demand for innovation and creativity. The number of people seeking artistic careers along with crafting and decorating work is on the rise. Furthermore, the type and number of professions that involve creative people are also rising. Combine the demand with the success of crafts distribution websites and internet ads, and make a broad art community full of people who work from home while sustaining themselves and enjoying what they enjoy.

If you like being artistic or crafty and have a passion of home design or decoration, being self-employed and working as a freelancer can be a smart choice. There is a little overhead, you can schedule your own hours and pay yourself, and you don't have to split profits with anyone. Of course, you don't share risks or obligations with others, which may be why many home-based companies struggle.


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