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"The role of a writer is not say what we all can but what we are unable to say" Anais Nin


You may have thought of taking freelance writing as a career, but yet the true interests lie in creative writing. You could find nonfiction writing boring or unrewarding, or you're worried that working with consumers would ruin your work's artistic side. However, if we look at the bright side , there are many different ways which you may apply to turn your passion for creative writing into opportunities for freelance writing.

For instance, a freelancer writes first for creative writing pieces, and then finds a publication to house it. Online or in print, in fields such as business, marketing and journalism, the most common freelance writing can be found in publications. Therefore, if the idea of seeing your name in print appeals to you, consider sending short stories, poems, or other artistic works to literary publications. Along with blogs, illustrated literary magazines are available.


Nowadays, you can also publish your own fiction e-books reasonably easily through sites like Amazon. But you may be able to sell the service on a voluntary basis to consumers as well. Depending on length, e-book growth will also carry in four to five figure earnings.

Moreover, creative writing doesn't need to be fictional all the time. Nonfiction is not necessarily a dry reality. If you're excited about a certain subject or audience then why not try to freelance for some creative nonfiction? That may include writing nonfiction novels, stories in magazines, or scripts that teach kids in a fun way.


Hiring a freelance writer implies getting the job done quickly, correctly, and effectively without placing pressure on an unqualified person. Holding their doors open to freelance writers is essential for publications. They have access to many different types of literature, subjects, and voices in this way.


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