You may be surprised to hear that freelancing has existed before the Internet.

The earliest use of the term "freelance" appeared in 1809 in Thomas N. Brown's Hugh Miller's The Life and Times, and later in Ivanhoe (1820) described by Sir Walter Scott. In the middle ages, the freelancers were the soldiers who offered their services to the kings who paid them. According to Latin history, these soldiers were originally called #stipendiaries.

Modern freelancing, which we hear of now, came about in America.The credit goes to Jack Nilles and Frank Schiff. Nilles came up for the first time with the idea of #telecommunication. He came up with the idea that telephone could be used to resolve the problem of travelling far to work due to transportation problems. He then introduced the concept of working from home through telephones.

Today, virtually everyone has Internet access which makes it easier for freelancers and clients to #communicate. As a result, #freelancing is now a thriving sector which is expected to gain in importance even more in the coming years. The pandemic which, sadly, is causing many job losses will also be one of the factors which will cause the freelancing sector to boom as people look for other sources of income.
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