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World Animation Day

The World Animation Day is a day to remember and honor the creators, scientists and technicians behind animated media, like animated films.

The original animation was known as 'cel-animation' or 'hand-drawn animation,' which was actually drawn frame by frame into the cartoon characters we've come to love.

 From basic cartoons and now full-length movies, everybody; young and old, loves the art of generating animation and displaying it on video. Not only does it honor the artistic talent who works tirelessly to create animation images, films, or media, but it also speaks about the latest methods that can be used.

There are screenings of animated film seminars, exhibits of artworks and stills, scientific presentations and other activities that aim to encourage the art of animation. It is not only a celebration, but also an opportunity to make animated films more available to the public. The workshops include full-length animation films, historical features, animated shorts and student films, and all sorts of animated media.

If you have a creative mind, place your pencil on paper, sketch your figures, and make a cartoon for Animation Day! Build your own storyboards and let them live with basic film techniques!

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