Flying Paper Airplane

28th Oct 2020

World Animation Day

The World Animation Day is a day to remember and honor the creators, scientists and technicians behind animated media, like animated films

Paper Craft

20th Oct 2020

DIY: Crafting for freelancers

The term DIY has taken on a wider definition that includes a wide variety of skill sets.

Image by René Ranisch

7th Oct 2020

Video and Animation for Freelancers

As they achieve better exposure, social media has expanded the market creating more opportunities for video creation and animation.


2nd Oct 2020

Creative writing for Freelancers

"The role of the writer is not say what we all can but what we are unable to say" Ananis Nin  

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

22nd Sept 2020

One should never underestimate the value of consumer loyalty. Freelancers should consider this especially when preparing their marketing and positioning strategies.

Image by Rowen Smith

16th Sept 2020

History of Freelancing

The earliest use of the term "freelance" appeared in 1809 in Thomas N. Brown's Hugh Miller's The Life and Times, and later in Ivanhoe (1820) described by Sir Walter Scott. In the middle ages


9th Sept 2020

Giving better Customer Experience

The old axiom 'The customer is always right' for freelancers remains as valid today as it was when the term was first coined in the early 1900's.

Image by Blake Wisz

03rd July 2020

Digital Marketing

Digital networks now play a crucial role in society, as people are spending more and more time in the digital space

Digital social media

06th June 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic

In this difficult phase of a global pandemic with COVID – 19, several entrepreneurs and the economy itself are going through a downturn.

Covid 19

26th June 2020

Being an Entrepreneur

If you have a skill and an entrepreneurial spirit, the chances are that you are more likely to survive and thrive better on your own than working under someone.

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